I’ve been a professional software developer since the start of 2009 and I love my job. Honestly, if money wasn’t an issue then I’d be doing the same thing for free. I love building things and learning so this is the perfect industry for me.

Early on I did a lot of Java webapps. These days I’m doing Vue.js based apps that connect to whatever server we’re using for the job.

I guess the best classification for me is “web developer” but when working in small teams you never have one role. I’m the person who gets whatever needs doing done. I don’t know how long the term will survive for but let’s just say DevOps.

I really enjoy mentoring and teaching so this blog is a way for me to share the knowledge I have with others. I only post when I have something that needs to be said. For me, that’s when I have a solution that isn’t available elsewhere on the web.

Oh, I also designed a mechanical keyboard. The ErgoSlab. I stood on the shoulders of giants to achieve it but I’m still super proud of it and I’m typing this on it right now.

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