Loading TDB data into Apache Fuseki


I’m working with Apache Jena and Apache Fuseki (v2.3.1) at the moment and today I had the need to load more than one lot of data into Fuseki on start up. I thought I needed an assembler file, and I probably could’ve used one, but I’ve ended up using config file for Fuseki.

I was Googling for ’example Fuseki config files’ to get up and running quickly but didn’t find anything so it’s my hope that others can use this blog post to get a TDB data directory loaded into Fuseki using a config file quickly.

All the information was found here: https://jena.apache.org/documentation/serving_data/#fuseki-configuration-file but there’s not just one whole example that you can copy-paste to get going. You need to read it all and pull the relevant pieces out. RTFM is a good thing, I know, but sometimes we just want to get something running to keep that feedback loop short.

The config file (assembler.ttl)

The first thing you want to change is the value of the tdb:location property in the <#dataset> entity at the bottom. This should be the path to the TDB data directory on your file system.

@prefix fuseki:  .
@prefix rdf:  .
@prefix rdfs:  .
@prefix tdb:  .
@prefix ja:  .
@prefix : <#> .

[] rdf:type fuseki:Server ;
# Server-wide context parameters can be given here.
# For example, to set query timeouts: on a server-wide basis:
# Format 1: "1000" -- 1 second timeout
# Format 2: "10000,60000" -- 10s timeout to first result, then 60s timeout to for rest of query.
# See java doc for ARQ.queryTimeout
# ja:context [ ja:cxtName "arq:queryTimeout" ; ja:cxtValue "10000" ] ;

# Load custom code (rarely needed)
# ja:loadClass "your.code.Class" ;

# Services available. Only explicitly listed services are configured.
# If there is a service description not linked from this list, it is ignored.
fuseki:services (
) .

# Declaration additional assembler items.
[] ja:loadClass "org.apache.jena.tdb.TDB" .

tdb:DatasetTDB rdfs:subClassOf ja:RDFDataset .
tdb:GraphTDB rdfs:subClassOf ja:Model .

<#service1> rdf:type fuseki:Service ;
fuseki:name "tdb" ; # http://host:port/tdb
fuseki:serviceQuery "sparql" ; # SPARQL query service
fuseki:dataset <#dataset> ;

<#dataset> rdf:type tdb:DatasetTDB ;
tdb:location <span style="color:#ff0000;">"/home/ubuntu/rdf/tdb-data/"</span> ;
# Query timeout on this dataset (1s, 1000 milliseconds)
ja:context [ ja:cxtName "arq:queryTimeout" ; ja:cxtValue "1000" ] ;
# Make the default graph be the union of all named graphs.
## tdb:unionDefaultGraph true ;

Once you’ve updated the path to your data, you can run Fuseki with (assuming you named the config file assembler.ttl):

./apache-jena-fuseki-2.3.1/fuseki-server --config=assembler.ttl

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