Proxy/forward mysql to another port

The story

mysql listens on 3306 by default. I’m trying to diagnose a network issue where I can connect to ports 80 and 443 on a machine, but can’t connect to mysql. So I want mysql to listen on one of the known good ports, so I can try to connect to it there.

Forward the port

We could change the mysql config so it listens on another port, but this is just a temporary test, so we’ll do it an easier way.

First, you need to make sure you have socat installed:

sudo yum install socat

Then, we’ll run socat with this command:

sudo -d -d socat tcp-l:80,fork,reuseaddr tcp:

This will create a TCP listener on port 80 (less than 1000, so you need to be root) and will forward that to port 3306 on the same host. The -d -d means we’ll see some logging when connections are made.

Connect on the new port

Now you should be able to connect to mysql on the forwarded port (80):

# note user=foo and pass=bar in this example
mysql -ufoo -pbar -h --port 80

Note: if you’re providing the password on the CLI (usually a bad idea) because you just don’t care, and you’re using the short form of the param -p like above, don’t include an equals sign (=). As an example, this is wrong -p=bar. That means the password starts with the = symbol. It looks funny having no space and no =, but it works.

The lesson

It turned out the VM simply needed the security group update to allow connections from a new server. The debugging above is interesting, but massive overkill for such a simple fix. I just didn’t think to check the security groups, whoops.

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