Comparing AWS Fargate cost to EC2

Fargate cost for us-east-1 (from here):

per vCPU per hour	 $0.04048
per GB per hour	   $0.004445

EC2 costs for us-east-1 (from here). I’ve only included x86, not ARM, because I can run x86 on Fargate so presumably that’s what it’s quoting. Also, x86 is typically more expensive than ARM so it’s in Fargate’s favour:

# c6a
2 vCPU/ 4GiB   	   $0.0765
# c6i
2 vCPU/ 4GiB   	   $0.085

Now, if we use the Fargate cost to calculate 2 vCPU and 4GiB memory, so we can compare:

2 * $0.04048 + 4 * $0.004445 = 0.09874

So that’s 1.29x and 1.16x more expensive, respectively. That’s not too bad seeing as last time I did this check it was ~5x more expensive.

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