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Fixing SEVERE errors with Jersey on WebApp startup

The problem As some background, I’m running the following: Jersey 1.15 Apache Tomcat 7 The specific error that we’re going to fix is: SEVERE: The following errors and warnings have been detected with resource and/or provider classes: SEVERE: Missing dependency for method public au.com.your.package.YourResponse au.com.your.package.YourClass.someMethod(au.com.your.package.YourRequest) at parameter at index 0 SEVERE: Method, public au.com.your.package.YourResponse au.com.your.package.YourClass.someMethod(au.com.your.package.YourRequest), annotated with GET of resource, class au.com.your.package.YourClass, is not recognized as valid resource method. If you’re running Tomcat like I am then you’ll see this in your catalina.