Can't rename files in Linux Mint using Nemo

TL;DR: I installed Zoom which brought ibus in as a dependency. During a dist-update ibus was set to my main input method and it doesn’t work well (for me). Use the Input Method app to set the input method back to XIM and restart the display manager. Background: I’m running Linux Mint 17.1 and I recently experienced the same issue described in this thread: Basically, I could press F2 to rename a file using Nemo, the out-of-the-box file manager but then I typing would have no effect.

Xtend 2.8.2, Java 8 and .sort()

Background Warning: this post could probably be countered with a simple RTFM! But for those who are Googling for this, I hope it helps. Today I tested out how our Xtend 2.8 code that works in Java 7 would go in a Java 8 JDK. For the most part it was ok but one problem that we experienced was related to sorting collections. We had code like: val someCustomerComparator = .

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