Toilet paper roll chorded keyboard concept

TL;DR: Here’s a non-functioning concept of a handheld chorded keyboard. Recently I’ve been interested in chorded keyboards. Well, interested might be an understatement, it’s more like consumed. I tried a TapStrap v1, which unfortunately didn’t live up to my expectations. The main problem was the thing everyone fears about this product, the accuracy of recognising the taps. This led me to look at other options that use physical keys like the BAT Keyboard or the wonderful things the maker community comes up with.

TapStrap Key Mappings

The TapStrap is an interesting keyboard. It’s also not that cheap so it’s understandable if you’re apprehensive about buying it. I wanted to try the layout without buying the keyboard to see how it works for me. The first step is to find out what the layout is and my Google-fu let me down because I couldn’t find anything written. All the references tell you to use the TapGenius app (the app from here on).

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