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base64 each line of a file

encoding the whole file as one is easy, but what about each line on its own

Makefile parallelism respects dependency graph

We run a simple Makefile as proof

Socat reverse shell

socat -d -d TCP4-LISTEN:4443,reuseaddr STDOUT and socat TCP4:localhost:4443 EXEC:/bin/bash,stderr

How to tidy up your shell history by removing long commands

Use the sed command in this post

Demo of Docker env vars and build args

See which things are in-scope for build or runtime

Checking MIPS and 7z benchmark on a few AWS EC2 instances

Seeing how Graviton compares with x86

Proxy/forward mysql to another port

Use socat

How to run Unigine Superposition in Wayland

Force the use of xwayland

Linux Intel iGPU stutter

How to get a smooth desktop

Mounting encrypted Linux partitions from a Live Disc

Notes to my future self about how to deal with encrypted partitions when running in a Live Disc (or USB) environment

DroidCamX on Linux

Using DroidCamX to save and view streamed video in the command line.

Change mouse sensitivity (not acceleration) in Linux

How to decrease mouse sensitivity in Linux for an accurate cursor

Boot Arch linux in Qemu after archinstall

How to install grub to make your vm boot

Adelaide University VPN, Openconnect and Duo

How to connect to Adelaide University’s VPN using openconnect from the command line in *nix based systems now that they’re introduced 2FA using Duo.